Overall Skills

Overall Skills

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Infield, Outfield, Hitting, Pitching

Based on skill level and primary field position, Travail designs a specific training program for the player's needs. Training will focus on fine tuning the specific skill set while conditioning the total athlete. Holistic training improves the overall player, this benefits both hitting and fielding. Training will start with specific infield and outfield drills that will then follow with hitting and pitching drills. Without these fundamentals, players lack the body awareness and foundational movements to unlock proper hitting, pitching and fielding techniques for high level performance. 

Efficiency- achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Our main concern and focus at Travail is to stay efficient with our training programs. Adding 15 minutes for a proper DYNAMIC warm-up allows us to focus on the baseball aspects for the full 60 Minutes. Time is the most valuable commodity, lets not waste it!

75 MINS SESSIONS (60 mins of training + 15 min dynamic warmup)

*2 Travail Coaches at all times

*Groups of 6-8 kids per session

*Programs will run: Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-9pm

All training clinics will be held at:
Essentials of Athletics + East Van Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic
2696 Nootka St, Vancouver, BC V5M 3M5

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Michael Crouse

Born and raised in Vancouver BC. My passion for sport was fuelled on by the multitude of courts, track and fields. From an early age the athletic mechanics of baseball, football, volleyball and track inspired me. Through high school I played competitive volleyball, basketball and baseball. Baseball in particular, resonated for my skill set and drive. This is the sport I felt most passionate about and the sport I chose to pursue professionally.

tyson gillies

Competitive hockey and professional baseball were demanding and disciplined commitments which required sacrifices from an early age. Leaving home at the age of 15 to pursue my dream as a professional athlete was challenging, rewarding and ultimately satisfying.

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